It's book launch day! NON-PLAYER CHARACTER has been officially published!

If you'd like to read my very queer, very nerdy, and very cosy portal fantasy, you can buy it now from your retailer of choice!

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The tie-in TTRPG for NON-PLAYER CHARACTER is also out today!

Please enjoy KIN: THE TABLETOP FANTASY ROLE-PLAYING GAME. Flexible, friendly, and comes with a short playable adventure!

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I am feeling ... a whole lot of things today. It's absolutely wild to think these books I've worked so hard on are finally out in the wild for anyone to read.

Anyway, if you'd like to come along to the book launch party today, you are very much welcome! There will be a reading, some casual chat, and some games. Plus you can optionally attend as a magical cat or fox!

And finally, if you want the paperback of NPC, it is gradually populating across various sellers throughout the day, but should be available from your retailer of choice at some point in the next 24 hrs. :)

A reminder that the paperback isn't out yet at most sellers! If the price looks weird (it should be ยฃ9.99 or roughly the equivalent in most countries) or it has a long shipping time or says unavailable, if you wait 24 hours it should appear as normal.

This is a limitation of self-pub, unfortunately, but will clear up soon.

@vicorva ah the paperback is sold out or not available in all the non-amazon shops you listed on your website. I'll check again later then.

@Corina Yeah, I think they're just place-holders while they wait for the actual info from my distributor. But it shouldn't be too long before they're available!

@vicorva my favourite bookshop is the Dutch They have your earlier books, but not this one. It would be ideal if I could get it there becaue I still have a lot of gift cards. I'll wait a few days, maybe it'll show up.

@Corina if it got BOOKS & BONE, it will definitely get NPC. It's the same distributor so it goes to the same shops.

Basically if you're self-published you give them a date that you want your book to be available but you aren't a high priority so it doesn't happen instantly like it does for the big publishers. :/ But it ought to be there soon!

@vicorva Ah, helpful information. It's extremely rare they don't have the book I want, so I guess if I just practise some patience, everything will be alright :).

@Corina @vicorva
Strange thing though, is that with Books & Bone, it is not really available in
Yeah, it is available, but it says: 'Expected within 10 weeks'. So they don't have it in store. Probably they have to get it from the distributor or something, I cannot imagine why else the time would be that much.
It would be nice if within not too long Non-Player Character is available in, but then if it has the same shipping time... That would be so long to have to wait... Or maybe that long time is only for Books&Bone?

@storydragon @Corina it's probably because it's print on demand. Because each book has to be printed first before they ship (rather than their being a stock waiting in a warehouse), some booksellers put huge estimates on how long they'll take.

I think it's likely to be more like 3 weeks, or that's been the case for me anyway!

@vicorva Hey I'm so happy for you your book got launched today. Congratulations!!! <3

@vicorva Hi! Just letting you know that your website breaks if I use uBlock Origin with the Fanboyโ€™s Annoyance list, because several parts, and most of the page, is wrapped by divs with the class fb-container.

@melunaka oh. Thank you for the warning. Unfortunately I don't know what to do about that! I'm not a dev, I'm just using wordpress.

I'll look into it in case there's an easy solution.

@vicorva Well I suppose itโ€™s an issue with the theme, but Iโ€™m no expert in Wordpress

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