obs webcam request for help? 

Hi so I used a webcam on my stream for the first time on Monday. I used the audio from my higher quality microphone.

It started out in-sync then over the course of the stream went increasingly out of sync.

Any idea why that happened and what I could do to fix it? I've been googling but there's a lot of terms I don't understand.

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obs webcam request for help? 

@vicorva It sounds like the framerate your camera captures is different from the framerate of stream.

For example, NTSC is 59.94 frames per second and if you were using 60 FPS for your stream, that little bit of a difference could add up over time and make audio out of sync.

I'd suggest checking your webcam to make sure it can do a multiple of your stream's framerate.

You could possibly set your cam to 30 FPS for a 60 FPS stream.

obs webcam request for help? 

@garrett oh okay! That's helpful, thank you!

obs webcam request for help? 

@vicorva Disclaimer: I'm aware of OBS and tried it out a bit, but I haven't really used it in a real scenario nor have I streamed anything yet.

But I have worked on video in the past, including operating a camera and editing video. I have run into this audio desync issue before and the (related) flickering lights issue (where the local power grid is a different multiple than the FPS your camera is recording at).

So I hope this info helps!

obs webcam request for help? 

@garrett I think it will. It's great to have somewhere to start. :)

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@vicorva perhaps a mis-matching sample rate? (amount of audio samples recorded per single second)

Maybe this audio drift fix video using Davinci Resolve and Audacity could be of use? Basically he first aligns the audio at the start, and then uses elastic stretch to align the audio at the end.

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@FiXato thanks. :) Unfortunately I'm not editing video; it's live falling out of sync, which is the problem. I don't have this option in OBS.

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@vicorva could try changing the sample rate in OBS then:

Sample Rate should be under OBS Settings, Audio, General:

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@FiXato Thank you! so I looked into this but when I did, it appears the camera and the microphone have the same sample rate. So I'm not sure what's going wrong.

Also I can't change anything on the webcam from default or it breaks. Which I assume (since drivers are updated) is just because it's a very cheap camera. :/

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@vicorva then unfortunately I am out of suggestions. :)

re: obs webcam request for help? 

@FiXato ah dang

thank you though. :)

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