cats, vet (all fine) 

Guess who has a Cone of Shame :(

After we put it on he just slowly slunk away, looking miserable.

We'll have to watch for a bit to make sure he still can't worry at his shoulder because he might need a larger cone.

We also have steroids to force-feed him to reduce the irritation, which he is NOT going to enjoy.

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cats, vet (all fine) 

@vicorva poor Merlin. It's heartbreaking when they have to be conehead cat, they always look so depressed. Hopefully it will heal quick so he won't have to wear it for long. Hugs for Merlin & for you too

cats, vet (all fine) 

@GwenfarsGarden he's walking like he's 100 years old (he's not in pain he's just VERY unhappy) and he was very depressed earlier and basically refusing to move, but after I spoiled him rotten for hours with cuddles and treats, he seems much brighter and is even up on my desk begging for more cuddles right now.

I am telling myself it's necessary so that he doesn't hurt himself (and it is) but I still hate having the cone on him.

cats, vet (all fine) 

@vicorva sometimes I think the cone is harder on the humans than the cat. They always look so mournful, & look at you as if to say: what did I do that was so wrong that you had to put this on me?

It's good he is asking for cuddles and not continuing to give you the cold paw treatment.

cats, vet (all fine) 

@GwenfarsGarden he's a very sweet little guy, I think he prioritises seeking comfort over punishing us pretty much every time. :(

And yeah, I think you may be right about it being harder on the humans. I hate seeing him unhappy but I don't have any real way to judge *how* unhappy.

cats, vet (all fine) 

@vicorva oof. this was Ted a couple of months ago. I hope he heals up quick!

cats, vet (all fine) 

@hafnia thanks! He has decided that as unhappy as he is about the cone, he wants comfort so he's basically just huddling in our laps now. :(

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