Merlin has decided to spend the whole morning sitting on my desk staring at me.

The misery cone has a lot to answer for XD

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He seemed really interested in everything on the monitor so I got out my phone and put on a cat app for him.

He's now trying to bite the fish and my phone is covered in saliva so it's a success!

He tapped a fish for the first time this session. He did it so lightly that it didn't register. :3

@vicorva sounds like we need to get him his own tablet. 🀞

@maloki ha! He'd probably love that. He'd be the only one in the house with one as well which is extra amusing XD

@vicorva and it could have one of those cases that you can fold and there's a keyboard.

So he could work next to you!

@vicorva This makes me wonder if they make devices or at least interfaces for cats etc, if not, I feel like they should.

@vicorva this is adorable - and at least it has distracted him from the cone.

@GwenfarsGarden yeah :) I wish I could video it but he's currently licking my only camera device!

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