Hey it's ten days until Hallowe'en so it's a great time to check out my novel BOOKS & BONE!

What better way to enjoy a socially-distanced haunted harvest than with a novel of secret libraries and black magic set in a small town of necromancers?


BOOKS & BONE is also part of the Scarlet Ferret Halloween Collection alongside other haunted stories!

And if you buy from Scarlet Ferret, you're supporting indie authors and an indie ebookshop at the same time, which is pretty cool imo.


Obligatory 'buy my book for haunted season' promo is now over. Thanks to everyone who puts up with (and even supports!) my awkward promos!

@vicorva I misread this like the offer above was over, and then I was so confused when you'd just posted it. 😅


@maloki XD nope it's just me celebrating the end of promo time!

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