Hey, it's Ace Week, so now feels like a good time to remind you about one of my favourite fantasy novels, OUR BLOODY PEARL.

Our bloody pearl has a non-binary man-eating mermaid protagonist, a gentle pirate love interest, and is the kind of fantasy that is full of hope and kindness and recovery from past harm.

Not only are there a great many queer characters, but the romance is also asexual.

I absolutely adore it.

The author just released an equally queer fantasy in the same world called ONCE STOLEN which features an autistic snake-man who was thrown out of his home swamp for stealing magical stones called ignits and it's *brilliant*

@vicorva Me on another account, seeing this toot: "Oh! Ace books! That reminds me, I should check if V promoted their books so I can boost it!"

*logs on main account, goes to your page*

"Oh, they changed their PP? Nice :)"

*scrolls, scrolls*

"Yay, they did promote their books! #instantBoost"

"Oh and they talk about other books with ace things! I'm gonna bookma– wait a minute… I think I read this sentence before :thonking:"

Anyway: thanks for your recommendations! ^^

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