Hi folks! All of my books are pay-what-you-want on itch for a few days!

It's very important to me that my books are free a few times a year to anyone who wants them.

I'm also celebrating my birthday and this always feels like a nice way to do it.

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Last 15 hours on this!

And thanks very much to the kind folk who tipped anyway, or who left reviews. It's very much appreciated!

@vicorva happy b. And what a nice way to celebrate ✨

@vicorva Thank you! And happy birthday! I'll try to remember to come back and pay for it after I look at them 😊

@vicorva Woe wait I thought Itch was just for games. Wow! That's really awesome!

@devinprater yes! Itch is a fairly nascent platform for books but it does have it's own section for them and it's one of my very favourite sales platforms for them. :)

@vicorva as someone who has always aspired to be a writer myself, I'm very curious about this.

If you've the time, how come itch over other sales options?

@eclectic well I definitely use other sales platforms as well, but itch is one of my favourites because the pages are extremely customisable, people can add tips to every purchase, you can upload additional files and file-types, you can take part in charity bundles very easily, run sales easily, and itch let's you choose how much of your royalties they take (it's defaulted to 10% which is already far lower than any other platform, but you can set it to zero).

@eclectic there are a bunch of other benefits as well, like coupons and claimable free copies and crowdfunding integration.

Just seems like a creative space that is creator-friendly. :)

@vicorva Yeah like that's really cool, basically self-publishing almost, and you get to decide pricing and people can leave a tip (donation). Also you now have +$5.

@devinprater Aww, thanks very much!

And funnily enough, I *am* self-published. You can buy my books from bookshops or from ebook platforms like Kobo, Apple, etc. I just also put them on itch because I like itch very much. :)

@vicorva That's great! I hope more authors do that more. I mean I'm sure Brandon Sanderson and big authors that go through Tor are rich and all, but I wouldn't want anyone telling me what I can and can't do with my own work.

@devinprater Big publishing works very well for big name authors but is more variable for unknown names anyway. As a result, some authors do both and do very well with that!

And I'm just the same. ^_^ I love self-publishing and getting to decide exactly what I do with my work!

@vicorva ooooo coooool! I picked up Books and Bone and Non-Player Character (which I've been wanting to read for a long time)

When I get my first paycheck from mah job I'll be sure to come back round and pick them up again(but not for $0)

@vicorva Well happy birthday (hoping i'm still in time) and thanks for the altruistic sharing idea: if i'll ever get to be a paid-content producer of any kind i'll definitely use this as a good practice! πŸ•―οΈ πŸ’—

happy birdday, eh, birthday!
Already got it through Kickstart, but I need to remember to claim this on itch too, if only to increment your stats. ;)

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