I'm streaming Eastshade in about an hour at 2pm GMT!

I'm going to become a travelling painter exploring a beautiful island full of mysteries. I can't wait!

Please do come join me! I would love the company.

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This game was an absolute delight! Imagine Skyrim but instead of fighting you make paintings, and also everyone is animal people.

I can't wait to play more.

Here are the paintings I made today! (That I still have access to, anyway)

Thanks so much to everyone who joined. πŸ’™

@vicorva today I'll probably forget. Because I'm in the middle of some deep reflection. πŸ˜… πŸ˜‚

@maloki I never begrudge you missing a stream. It will be lovely to see you if you are about; if you are busy with your thoughts, that is very reasonable. πŸ’™

@vicorva I'm going to set an alarm and see how I feel. I think I can't keep writing for that long anyways. πŸ˜…

@vicorva looking forward to it. :)
Unfortunately I prob can only catch a bit of it, as it's also around the time I need to pick up the increasingly-not-so-lil' grabber. :)

@FiXato it'll be lovely to see you for however long. I hope collecting beard grabber goes well!

And thanks for the rec, as well. :)

@vicorva That's so exciting! I was going to recommend it to you! :D and I might even be able to join today ^^

@secretlySamantha FiXato and Tephirax both recommended it, so clearly this is a game I'm going to enjoy XD

and yay! It'll be lovely to see you if you do!

@vicorva that was a great experience, thanks. Being a painter myself, I really enjoyed this :D

@robin thank you for the company! I'm not a painter but I love this fantasy vision if one. ^_^

@vicorva ohh I've watched my wife play this, it really is lovely β™₯️ Enjoy!

@ikol I went in knowing almost nothing about it and I have been delighted. :D Thanks!

@vicorva nooooo, for *once* I was available and then I… got caught in editing wikipedia and didn't see the time 😭

Well then, another time (again πŸ˜…)

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