I'm excited to announce that Kin: The Fantasy Tabletop Role-playing Game now has a paperback edition!

It's available 31 January but can be pre-ordered from various sellers right now!

You can find buy links and more info here: victoriacorva.xyz/books/kin-th

Here's a first look at the printed version.

I'm so excited to think there might soon be more folk with an actual physical copy of Kin on their shelves!


All bonus content included in the digital edition is still available to paperback buyers, to be downloaded for free from itch:


And there's an Extended Alchemy add-on coming out soon!

And as a final note, there's been a minor update to the Kin rulebook to include Defence in the character creation chapter for clarity.

If you've previously downloaded Kin through either itch or Kickstarter, you now have access to the updated version.

Is there a difference between the 'general bookstore' edition and the 'Amazon' edition?


Also, it seems it is listed on Amazon now. (On your website you have not made a link to Amazon yet, only listed it) Though it says that it is currently unavailable, though that can only have one reason I guess...

@storydragon Ah good to know. It wasn't there when I set it up. Thanks!

I'll add the link on Monday when it becomes available.

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