Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you something that sparks your interest ✨ working on a small "campaign" for a client, using my fresh templates.
Running some errands and trying to emotionally prepare myself for kid getting rid of pacifiers this afternoon. It's going to be tough.

@nuhn oh that sounds very busy! I hope kid copes well with the pacifiers going. I know that can be a very rough time.

I'm okay! I'm a bit ill so I've been reading, and I'll be streaming later. I have A LOT of writing to do which is a bit stressful, but I think the reading will have given me an inspirational boost. oh nos, take good care of you then. I hope you find inspiration and have a good writing session.

Yeah, especially because it is his coping strategy when he gets upset (he really really hates when we try to comfort him), so I hope we can help he make new strategy. The pacifier has to go, because it's bad for his teeth and so. =/

@nuhn yeah. A couple of my youngest siblings had a similar attachment when they were little but we had to take them away because of their teeth. :(

Thanks for the encouragement. Hopefully the story about how the elves at Santa's can recycle them into toys, and that he gets a present for sending them (magical mail style), will help a bit...
He's very into Spidey (spiderman for kids) and we bought a stuffed one, who maybe can help him when he gets sad.

@nuhn hopefully. 🤞

I like that you got him a Spiderman to comfort him. :)

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