Any writers here curious about Soul Scribes? You can sign up to the closed beta now!

is a browser-based writing gamification site that focuses on developing good writing habits by rewarding small word count increments.

It has a cute theme and world and I have personally found the games fun and encouraging without distracting me from the job of writing.

You can sign up here:

@maloki I'm really excited for the closed beta and there being more players!

@vicorva I signed up for the beta and tried two of the challenges on the map today, but I gave myself a bad anxiety attack trying to write fast DX

Which parts of the game would you recommend if I want to practice writing faster, but my current baseline is really low and trying to push it too hard makes me freak out?

@annathecrow oh I absolutely get that!

Some of the games I find motivating but not time-pressured are Meditation (every 100 words, you gain an Explore Point), The Hide and Seek Minigame with your Spirit Companion (no time limit, 10 word increments to search for your companion) and Fishing (meditation with occassional timed attempts to catch a fish).

You should unlock your spirit companion once you've Explored the Area a few times from the map. :)

@vicorva thanks for advice! :) I plan to write a bit more tonight, so I'll try that out.

@vicorva update: I tried all three, and they work much better, thanks! I like Hide and Seek the best, but Meditation is also nice. Fishing I need to try a bit more, I think.

*sigh* I just wish I was fast enough to do the SPEED/RACE challenges. I don't know why I'm so slow. I've tried the RACE challenge because it was on the daily tasks list, and I did it FIVE TIMES and never got further than 85/100!

@annathecrow Glad it was helpful!

I find the speed challenge a bit easier, because even if I don't write very much I still get tokens. I used to find all of the challenges impossible though. I have still never completed a stamina challenge and it takes me many attempts to win a race.

@vicorva ...oh. That's a relief 😅 I thought it was easy for "normal" writers and I was just really bad.

@annathecrow not at all! XD There are some pet games I really struggle with as well. That's why Hide and Seek is my favourite.

I'm sure there are writers who can do all the challenges easily but that doesn't make you and me any worse. And we're certainly not the only ones!

@annathecrow hello! I wanted to let you know that since you and I had the same experience, I gave some feedback that potentially the tutorial challenges are too difficult. The creator has come to the same conclusion and intends to lower the difficulty. He said to thank you for your feedback and let you know you are always welcome to submit any feedback through the site. :)

So the problem wasn't us, confirmed. ^_^

@vicorva thanks! That's neat. It's good that there's more of us playing, it would never have occurred to me to report it as a bug.

@annathecrow Cal (the developer) likes feedback as well as bug reports -- good and bad! So always feel free to be like 'this really works for me and I like it' or 'this doesn't quite work for me'. ^_^

But yeah it's good there's more of us playing. Means more useful feedback!

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